Singaporeans only know how to talk with no sincere actions

With all of these comments from our citizens, that even proves to the world more than Singaporeans only know how to talk with no sincere actions. All of us were brought up and educated in a safely secured country, without LKY, there won’t be a Singapore. His contributions, we are able to see! With a safe country, a multi-racial one, he built and led Singapore to a higher ground.

Both LKY and LHL are local talents that we should be proud of. Does that means that even public figures like them can’t make mistakes? They are human beings as well. I love Singapore, proud of the fact that I am born here. Even more proud of our country’s safety measures, in Singaporeans who are so well-mannered and even the roads here! Love the fact that with a Singapore passport, you can pass through every customs easily. Singapore is at such a high level now, and indeed our citizens are acting a 3rd world country people!

Singapore is a Capitalism country, we don’t ever belong to a Communist country. We work hard for ourselves and family. We also want to teach our next generation the theory on working hard as well. One reaps what one had sowed. Our ministers are talents who have shown their capabilities through channels. Does Singaporeans mean that they want PAP down and let the anti-PAP bodies have the chance to take over? What have they, the antis, have done to prove that they are better than PAP?

Singapore made it so far to become such a high level country. But our people, with the silliest minds are ruining the reputations that all of our forefathers had created and built. Who cares about foreigners? Our forefathers are from China, India, Indonesian and etc. I am sure if we are traced back to centuries ago, we still have a wee bit of our forefathers’ blood in us.

Foreigners came to save us Singaporeans. Local Singaporeans born here and left. Singaporeans think too highly of themselves, which is why now we do not see locals sweeping floors, washing toilets, serving food. And we still want to complain other foreign talents when they are trying to demonstrate to us what is the meaning of hard work?

Go overseas…. to other Asia countries and understand what is the meaning of taking things for granted when we are living in such a comfy environment.

It is a controversial topic. Media might have interpreted his messages wrongly. Afterall words will always get misled. I love this country, love the fact that people from all over the world come and get a taste of our rojak lifestyle. Theo

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